Tales of pirates

Tales of pirates, also called ToP is played in a fantastic island-world were you as the player, plays mostly at land but even is able to battle at the sea. I may tell you that sea battles in ToP is not more advanced than the land battles.

   Top have an easy to understand interface and functions like skill shortcuts (F1-F8), guilds, parties, itemupgrading and things like that.

   When you start playing ToP you first choose a character (not a class) and then start playing. When you start you get the class "newbie". When you get to lvl 9 you can choose what class you want to be, herbalist, explorer, swordsman or hunter, a little depending on wich character you choosed. Then you do some simple quests and voila! you have a new class.

   The classes have different weapons, armors and skills that cannot be used by an other class. For an example, herbalists can use heal skills while swordsmen uses sword skills/boosts.

   After playing a while you will get up to lvl 40, then you will get your second class choice, for the most classes its just one second class but depending on wich character you are you may be able to choose a special direction for your character (basically offensive and deffensive).Then you do some missions (as in first class-change) and you are the second class. From now, you surely will have to upgrade your weapons/armors with gems and stuff like that.

   Myself i have never really understood the art of equipment upgrades (i just came to lvl 45) but ive heard that it should very effective. But the gems are very expensive so i would recommend you to wait until atleast lvl 60 before upgrading your equipment.

So now I think I've covered the most basically for ToP gameplay.